NATS Field Data Card

This is the field data card NATS uses to note significant characteristics of the habitat in which a truffle is collected. If you send in a truffle for identification this information helps us to learn about its habitat and range. The card is mostly self-explanatory; the "T/R/S or Lat/Long" field is for Township/Range/Section or GPS data if available, and the "Aspect" is the direction a slope is facing (leave blank if flat).

There are three ways to print out this card: You can copy and paste the form below into a word processing program, you can click here to go to a printer friendly version and print it directly from the web page, or you can click here to download an MS Word version with 6 cards on one sheet.

Collector_____________________ Date_________


                T/R/S or
County_________ Lat/Long____________________

Elev_____ Aspect: N  NE  E  SE  S  SW  W  NW

Growing On/In: Moss  Mineral  Rotten  Needle
(Circle one or more)   Soil    Wood   Litter


Overstory Trees_____________________________

Understory Shrubs___________________________

Fresh Notes (color, odor, etc.):