The Henry Pavelek Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Henry Pavelek Sr. joined NATS in 1982 and soon volunteered to serve as President. His energy and enthusiasm for truffles and truffling provided much of the driving force that established NATS as a sustainable organization. When Henry passed away, a scholarship fund was established in his memory. Scholarships are awarded each year at the December potluck to selected students who are studying for careers in mycology. Recipients are nominated and voted on by the NATS Board of Directors.

Contributions to the Henry Pavelek Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund are fully tax deductable and can be made at any time by sending a check to NATS/Pavelek Fund, P.O. Box 296, Corvallis, OR, 97339. Your support is gratefully appreciated!

If you are a student of mycology wishing to apply for the Pavelek Scholarship, click here to download the application form. Candidates should be graduate students or outstanding undergraduates conducting designed research on physiology, taxonomy, phylogeny, ecology, animal interactions, commercial harvest, or culinary attributes and use of hypogeous fungi. The scholarship recipient is announced at the year-end meeting & potluck in Corvallis.