NATS Truffling Accessories

Field Guide to North American Truffles
by M. Trappe, F. Evans, and J. Trappe
Available from Ten Speed Press, it combines practical information on finding truffles, data on the seasons and habitats where truffles are found, and beautiful photos of truffles and their spores, all in a weather-resistant pocket-sized book. Click here to view a sample page.

Trees, Truffles, and Beasts by C. Maser, A. Claridge, and J. Trappe
This eminently readable book describes the interdependent complexities of forest food webs, comparing North American and Australian ecosystems. Co-authored by NATS Scientific Advisor James Trappe and two wildlife biologists, it is available from Rutgers Universtiy Press. For a detailed summary and book reviews, see Chris Maser's website.

Cookbook of North American Truffles: Treasures from the Forest, 2nd Edition by NATS
The new and greatly expanded version of the only truffle cookbook (that we know of) is now available! This cookbook contains many never-before-published recipes that use various types of truffles and other mushrooms. Many recipes are from North American Truffling Society (NATS) members and Oregon-based chefs and restaurants. It is available here in print version and is now also available on Kindle.

Mycology T-shirts and Sweatshirts
NATS has a limited supply of high quality T-shirts and sweatshirts for sale. T-shirts are $12 and sweatshirts are $18, shipping is $5 each or at cost for multiple items. The talented artists who created these shirts are Christine Roberts of British Columbia (Totem pattern), and Mysti Weber of Corvallis (Spores and Tree patterns). We order them in small quantities; contact Marilyn to find out what colors and sizes are available.

Below are images of the patterns, click on the thumbnail to enlarge:

Spores Spores Circle Tree
Spores Spore Circle Tree

Totem NATS logo shirt Vole
Totem NATS logo Vole