What is NATS? Founded in 1978, the North American Truffling Society is a non-profit organization based in Corvallis, Oregon, that brings together amateurs and professionals who are interested in hypogeous (belowground) fungi. The mission of NATS is to enhance the scientific knowledge of North American truffles and truffle-like fungi, and promote educational activities related to truffles and truffle-like fungi.

Why should I join NATS?  All NATS activities are free and open to the public. NATS members receive a periodic newsletter, postcard or email notification of upcoming events, and the peace of mind that comes with supporting the NATS mission. We have members in 27 states and 7 countries.

How do I join NATS? Annual dues are $15 for individuals (plus $10 for each additional family member), and $20 for international memberships (in US$, please). You can join online, or download a membership form. NATS membership dues (and contributions to the Henry Pavelek Sr. Scholarship Fund) are fully tax-deductable.


Hot off the press: NATS has developed an "Ethical, Sustainable and Common Sense Guide to Harvesting Truffles". By following these guidelines to protect the truffle environment and minimize harvest of immature truffles, we can help to ensure the sustainability of Oregon truffling.

NATS Foray Leader needed: NATS is seeking a volunteer to lead monthly forays a few times a year; you don't need to be able to identify truffles. We have plenty of ideas for foray destinations and it's a great way to meet great people! Contact the trufflemaster if you're interested.

Truffle Dog Training: NATS offers truffle dog training courses periodically, depending on demand. If you are interested, please contact Marilyn Hinds to put your name on the list. We will schedule a training session when we reach quorum, so let us know!

New Oregon law (ORS 164.813) requires a permit to harvest and transport special forest products, including truffles and mushrooms. Deputies are actively enforcing this regulation and violators face substantial fines.

Upcoming Events:

No meetings of forays until October. Have a great summer!

Instruction for caring for oyster mushroom growing bags: Store in a warm place, 70-80F. In about 4-6 weeks, the white mushroom mycelium should completely fill the bag. Check periodically during this time, if the straw seems to be drying out you can open the bag and spritz with sterile water.

To pre-condition for mushroom production, place in the refrigerator or outside (if it's cool), but not in freezing conditions, for 12 hr, then return to a warm place. The pink oyster, Pleurotus d’j’amour, are different; they should not need refrigeration prior to fruiting, as they are a warm-room-temperature strain. They like the tropics.

Punch about five 1/4” holes on one side of the bag. This will allow more air into the bag which is an environmental signal mushrooms to form: think of this as the signal when mycelium in a log makes it to the surface and encounters fresh air indicating it's time to produce fruitbodies. The mushrooms will form pins near the holes and exit the bag through the holes.

If the mycelium becomes contaminated, you will see areas with brown, black, yellow, red or other colors than white, then mushrooms may not develop and would not in any circumstances be edible.

General Foray Information: Forays are usually held the first Saturday of most months from November through June, rain or shine, usually within a 60-80 mile radius of Corvallis. Forays are open to the public and everyone is welcome, whether or not they are a NATS member. We typically meet at 10:00am and are out in the field until to mid-afternoon. Well-behaved dogs are welcome unless otherwised mentioned. Many folks bring their own cars so they can leave when they want to, though we certainly encourage carpooling when possible.

What to Bring to Forays: Bring a lunch and dress for the weather. Bring a garden rake ("cultivator") with 4-5 widely spaced tines if you have one; if you don't there are usually extras.

General Meeting Information: Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the Tuesday following the first Saturday of the month, from October to June, in room 2087 at Cordley Hall on the OSU campus in Corvallis. Cordley Hall is reached via Orchard Avenue east of 30th Street; click here for a map. Room 2087 is on the second floor on the south side of the building; click here for a building map. Parking in any of the A1 lots is free after 5pm.

For additions or corrections, please e-mail the webmaster. Please read this website for your answers before making further inquiries. We post foray information as plans develop, and if it's not yet here, it's not yet available. Thanks!

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